By signing at the bottom of the page you agree to the following terms and conditions: SYSPORT SAGL (from now and in the continuation the ORGANIZER) organize the Barça Academy Camp (from now and in the continuation the CAMP) described at|be and through other information tools. The following terms and conditions apply to the CAMP (and its program described at|be) as indicated on the reservation and payment form. PARTICIPANT means both the child participating in the CAMP and the parent/guardian authorized to represent him/her according to the law and the following Agreement.

The ORGANIZER, with the following contract and on the basis of the participation fee paid, agrees to provide the services pertaining to the reserved CAMP (as indicated in Article 3), on the basis of the program described in the specific sections of the website|be/PARTICIPATION FEE), with specific reference to purchased format (“DAY CAMP”, “RESIDENTIAL CAMP”).

The place’ booking has to be done exclusively online at|be in the section BOOK. In particular, to book the place the PARTECIPANT has to do the following activities on filling the registration form containing all the data and information requested, signing this participation agreement, signing the agreement for the treatment of personal data, paying fully the participation fee (unless otherwise communicated by the ORGANIZER). The inscription is personal and cannot be transferred, services will only be provided to the person registered.

The PARTICIPANT who, after done the payment, intending to cancel his/her reservation must inform the ORGANIZER via e-mail to If the cancellation request is provided to the ORGANIZER later than 30 days before the start of the CAMP, the PARTICIPANT will not be entitled to any refund of the participation fee paid. In case of non-participation for justified and proven reasons (accident, illness, injury), the ORGANIZER reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to give a voucher for a free participation in another Camp of the current Program or of the Program of the following year. If the request for cancellation is received earlier than 30 days before the start of the CAMP, the ORGANIZER will only deduct the sum of euro 150,00 as compensation and reimbursement for the costs of registration, services already in place and partially executed and one-time cancellation. In the event that the PARTICIPANT does not show up at the CAMP or is late for any reason, no refund will be entitled, neither full nor partial. In any case, if the renunciation is made ​​within 48 hours from registration and payment, the amount will be refunded in full; in this case, the must be expressed by e-mail to

By signing the following agreement, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges that playing or practising football is a potentially dangerous activity. The PARTICIPANT accepts that they are signing up for CAMP voluntarily, accepting all risks connected to taking part in those activities, not only falls, contacts, collisions with other participants, but also effects of weather, such as heat, rain, humidity, as well as practice fields and structures: all these risks are understood and taken into account by the PARTICIPANT or by whom holds parental responsibility or tutelage. After reading it and acknowledging these possibilities, and in consideration of the acceptance of this agreement, the ORGANIZER and their representatives, agents, officers, or anyone working under the ORGANIZER’s name, are not responsible for any damage (lesion, injury, illness, etc.) deriving from participation to the activities held during the CAMP.

The ORGANIZER is solely responsible and must be held liable for the costs, services and goods indicated in the reservation and in the program; any other possible cost and/or service, directly and/or indirectly connected to the CAMP, which the PARTICIPANT incurs is his exclusive faculty and responsibility, if not included in the program or in this contract in direct ORGANIZER’ charge. Any other activity and service not explicitly indicated in the contract on the ORGANIZER’ charge is therefore considered excluded. The ORGANIZER does not take any responsibility for personal injury, damage to personal goods or other losses, accidents, delays, inconveniences or anomalies which may occur due to any action or omission of any supplier, or due to any other question beyond control, including delays or cancellations in the transport used to reach the CAMP destination. The ORGANIZER is not responsible for the loss or theft of objects left by the PARTICIPANT, supervised or unsupervised, within structure/s hosting the CAMP and/or during all activities.

Being the PARTICIPANT a minor, by signing the following agreement the parent/tutor authorizes the parent/guardian hereby authorizes the Organizer to make the PARTICIPANT travel on foot, by car, bus or through other means of transport arranged by the ORGANIZER and/or by other suppliers (Municipality, Hotel) for any eventual need and activity planned during the CAMP itself (for example, transfers Sports Centre/Hotel, transfers Sports Centre/Restaurant).

The ORGANIZER (SYSPORT and FC BARCELONA for the participation to the International Tournament “Barça Academy World Cup), in carrying out the activities planned during the CAMP and/or the International Tournament “Barça Academy World Cup”, will take pictures and/or video footage of participants in the CAMP and in the International Tournament. With the signing of this agreement, the parent/guardian agrees that these photographs and/or video footage can be used by the ORGANIZER for promotional, informational and commercial purposes and that he/she (the parent/guardian) will not require any fees, commissions or royalties for such a license. At the end of the week, the ORGANIZER will realize photos/videos shooting of the Camp and/or of the Tournament that could be purchased only by those who participated in the camp and/or in the tournament only for personal purposes, at prices who will be decided and communicated by the ORGANIZER. It is expressly excluded the possibility to purchase the photo/video shooting for commercial purposes.

The ORGANIZER reserves the right to cancel the CAMP in the event of the occurrence of force majeure events and/or unpredictable situations and factors beyond its control (for example only, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, pandemics). The ORGANIZER will make any economically sustainable effort to follow the program as described; nonetheless, the PARTICIPANT is informed that the final program can be subject to changes following unpredictable factors beyond the ORGANIZER’s control. Camp’ cancellation will be communicated to the PARTICIPANT via email. In the event of cancellation of the Camp due to force majeure events, the ORGANIZER will try to reschedule the CAMP within 2 months of the initially scheduled date or, in case not possible within this period, the ORGANIZER will give to PARTICIPANT a voucher for a free participation in the same formula purchased in any another CAMP of the annual current program or of the following year.

During the CAMP discipline is required by each PARTICIPANT. Each PARTICIPANT must follow indications given by the ORGANIZER. The PARTICIPANT is responsible for every damage directly or indirectly caused to the structure and equipment, to other clients/participants, as well as for damage caused to other people, in case of his own fault. The ORGANIZER has the faculty, at their incontestable decision, to interrupt, temporarily or definitely, the participation to CAMP following unsuitable behavior. The unsuitability for CAMP can include, without any limit, any behavior which is unsuitable or offensive or interferes with CAMP’ services and activities, or may be dangerous or embarassing. In case of exclusion from the CAMP, PARTICIPANT has no right to either full or total refund of the registration fee.

The PARTICIPANT confirms that he has read the information on the privacy policy on|be

Any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of this contract will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Lugano Court